What I Do

My core practice is copy writing.  I’ve written everything from technical articles for the former Bell System through sales copy for real estate development, concrete construction, HVAC, acupuncture services, healing practitioners, and more.

Underlying all this writing experience is years of web and social media development.  I say underlying because web sites are often the platform where my writing lives.  I build the house then furnish it.

I brand myself as an Online Presence Commando for small business and solopreneurs.  I don’t do single tasks like building websites and then walk away.  I am an extension of my client’s team by ongoingly helping to navigate the online world.

A full-time or even part-time employee is costly.  I continuously work for my clients as needed for a small, fixed fee to not just keep things running smoothly, but to also migrate, update, and incorporate new technologies and improvements.

Do You Need This Stuff?

No.  You can slowly learn how to manage your online world and do it all yourself.  If you are willing to split your time between your real business and the business of managing your online world then, by all means, you could take this on.

The advantages are not paying someone else to do it, and having complete control of the process.  The disadvantages are keeping up with the technology changes, taking you away from your core business.  And if you’re not fully immersed in this stuff, it can get away from you quickly.

If you do good work at a reasonable price, you’ll be in demand.  But prospects first have to find you, and people turn to Google for that.  That’s only part of your online presence, but we should amp it up so you get found and start getting more clients.

I hope you won’t fall for the stupid-cheap “we build your website in 1 week” pitches, because it’s not just about a website.  There’s a whole lot more under the covers than just the client-facing website, and you’ll find yourself in the trenches more than you bargained for.

You Do You

I know you.  You have ADHD (you are an entrepreneur), and you can context-switch among 35 tasks at once.  You’re also cheap, so you think there’s a lot of things you can do yourself.  That’s true for many things in your business.

Creating and managing your online presence is not one of those things. There are so many rabbit holes to fall into that you’ll never see the light of day.  Yes, it can be fun, cheap, satisfying, and your ADHD loves the serotonin rush.

Your online presence is not your core business and it will consume you.

I do this stuff in my sleep and I do it well.  It IS my core business.  If you’re a massage therapist, a plumber, or an HVAC company, you don’t have time for this, and you will pay dearly in missed opportunity costs if you get sucked into it.

What’s Involved

We will talk about your business.  What you do, where you do it, how you do it, your ideal client, your pricing, your availability, all of it.  This is not a one-size-fits-all solution; I tailor your solution to your specific needs.

Just because you’re a massage therapist doesn’t mean that your website and your offerings look anything like any of the other massage sites that I’ve done.

Or real estate.  Or HVAC.  Or energy healing.  Or Acupuncture.  Or nutritional products.  Or autos.  Or non-profits.  Or concrete.  Or handyman services.  Or anything else – I’ve done a lot and I know how to customize and maximize effectiveness.

Let’s Talk

Enough of the schmooze.  If you’re just getting started in your business, this is the perfect time to talk.

If you’re making a change in your business, it’s another perfect time to talk.

If you’re tired of doing it all, well, you know what to do.