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What I Do

I am a copywriter.  I’ve written technical articles in the Bell System, sales copy for HVAC and concrete construction, informative commentary for acupuncture, massage, and alternative healing, and white papers for business ventures.

Underlying my writing experience is years of web and social media development.  I say underlying because web sites are often the platform where my writing lives.  I build the house then furnish it.

I brand myself as an Online Presence Guy for small business and solopreneurs.  I don’t do one-time projects like building a website and then walk away.  I work with my clients to continuously evolve their online assets.

Online Presence

Your Online Presence is much more than your website.  While your website is the anchor of your online presence, it still requires a lot of active details that are not obvious to the casual observer.  Let’s talk about that and a few of the other things that contribute to your online presence.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Perhaps the most common online presence thing that you’ve probably heard about, SEO is essential for your website being easily discovered.  Well-done SEO practices will have the various search engines (primarily Google) indexing your site in a way that gives good visibility and high ranking when people search using certain terms.  Conversely, sneaky or nefarious SEO tactics (called Black-Hat) will get your site demoted so low that even Cuskeel fish can’t find it.  The key is knowing the difference.

Website Updates

Keeping an active, current, and updated website piques the curiosity of the search engines like Google.  When the Google-Bots crawl your site and see that there are changes, your information is updated and refreshed in the search results.  Never updating your site causes search engines to believe that your content is getting stale, and your rankings begin to drop.  We refer to these stale websites as “cobwebs”.

Social Media

As the name implies, these platforms (think Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) are just that – social.  Some small business owners believe that all they need is a Facebook site and they are good to go.  This is like trying to pick-up customers in a bar.  It can work sometimes, and it is surely worth doing, but it should not be your primary outward face to the public.  There are prospects that will never find you because they don’t frequent social media.

Google Business Profile

Formerly called Google My Business this is a Google service that provides detailed information about businesses with a physical address.  It is the place where Google Reviews are registered, and it can also increase Google rankings for your website.  The business can post updates and other relevant information on this site, further increasing Google rankings.  If your Google reference page is managed and updated, it makes your business look active.

What You Do

Because you are an entrepreneur, you can easily get sucked down the rabbit hole and yanked away from your real profession by the shiny object of website building.  There are now so many good ways to build your own website that it’s hard to resist.

At first it’s great, and it looks good.  After a while, you realize that this online stuff is not static and there’s a lot of stuff you didn’t know about.  Your actual business starts suffering unless you let the web stuff or your personal life suffer.

It seems like you’re saving money by doing it yourself, but the truth is that missed-opportunity costs in your actual business are much bigger.  You’re also not developing your own craft as quickly as you would with full attention to your life’s work.

Check out a few of my documents and live websites to get a feel for the kind of work that I do.

My Active Sites

These are several of the sites that I am actively managing.  Click the image to see the site’s home page in expanded view.  You can visit most of these sites directly by clicking the Visit Site button.  There are some that are not publicly available, either currently under construction or because the information is intended for a private audience.

Realty Executives Capital City

Realty Executives Capital City

A Real Estate Brokerage near Madison, Wisconsin.  This site features a live transaction engine between the brokerage and the South Central Wisconsin Multiple Listing Service (MLS) where visitors can do property searches in the towns serviced by the firm.  It has support pages for real estate terms and procedures, reviews, calculators, a team page that displays all the agents, and individual agent pages.

Radiant Hands Healing

Radiant Healing

Massage Therapy Services near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  This site draws potential clients to the business through Google keyword management and site presence.  We incorporate an external-facing link to the client’s dedicated scheduling system.

Ma'ari Closet

Ma’ari Closet

Fashion Direct Sales in Scottsdale, Arizona.  This site is currently under construction and not available for public viewing.  This is an e-commerce site for high fashion clothing and accessories that are designed locally and sold worldwide through direct channels.

IQ Investments Real Estate Investing

IQ Investments

IQ Investments in Downers Grove, Illinois.  This private site is used by members of this organization and their prospects to exchange Real Estate Investment opportunities, including educational services, available properties, and other investment-related information.  Because the site is privately used, it is not available for public viewing.

Green Valley RV Resort - Arizona

Green Valley RV Resort

Recreational Vehicle Resort in Green Valley / Sahuarita Arizona.  This newer site is used as a public-facing resource for potential visitors, including pre-registration, explanation of rates, rules, and expectations.  It is also used as an internal public board for dissemination of information to the residents of the resort.

Green Valley RV Resort - Arizona

Green Valley Estates Mobile Home Park

Luxury Mobile Home Park in Green Valley Arizona.  Sister park to Green Valley RV Resort, this site is used for in-park communications and a referral base for the occasional and limited RV temporary stay.

Angelic Soup - Alternative Healing

Angelic Soup

Beth Pfeffer, Alternative Healing Practitioner in Green Valley, Arizona and Madison, Wisconsin.  In addition to the advertising for services aspect of this site, it features direct scheduling and payment for appointments.  There is also a glossary of terms for the alternative healing community, and contact forms for communication.

Value Heating and Cooling

Value Heating and Cooling

HVAC Sales, Service, and Installation serving South Central Wisconsin.  A new way of doing HVAC that combines DIY with professional installation.  Sales and installation of units are fixed-price and fully inclusive of all taxes and fees with no up-charges.  This business model has proven to be highly effective, and the owner is opening a second location in Northern Florida.

Unabodi Healing Massage

Unabodi Healing and Massage

Massage Therapy and Alternative Healing Services in Chandler, Arizona.  The business is in transition and expanding into other areas; consequently, it is not accepting new clients and has made its scheduling system private to existing customers during the transition.

My Life's Work

My Life’s Work, Version 2

Startup Business Consulting Services near Tucson, Arizona.  Services offered by this provider are currently virtual online-only, and help older professionals transition from classic W-2 management and executive positions into a new startup that more succinctly fulfills on their desired life’s work.  The site is currently not taking additional registrations so it is not available publicly.

Frost Walls And Foundations

Frost Walls and Foundations

Specialty Concrete Services near Waunakee, Wisconsin.  This seasonal company in Southern Wisconsin specializes in pouring foundation walls and flatwork for new construction or remodeling.  They are price-leaders and offer flexibility that other concrete companies are unable to provide in this market.

Friends of The Fort - Las Vegas

Friends of The Fort

Support and Affinity Organization in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Members of this organization are subscribed to the mission of helping to preserve and promote The Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park in Las Vegas.  The Old Fort is the verified beginning of the City of Las Vegas and holds immense history for residents and visitors.  The website offers current information for members and visitors and features e-commerce opportunities for memberships and donations.

Value Concrete Construction

Value Concrete Construction

Full-Service Concrete Construction Services near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Part of the Value Construction Group family of companies, this firm offers larger-scale construction services, primarily serving other construction companies.  The site features information on the business and current pricing.

Angelic Soup Artwork

The Art of Angelic Soup

The Channeled Artwork of Beth Pfeffer in Green Valley, Arizona and Madison, Wisconsin.  As an adjunct site to the alternative healing site featured above, this site displays channeled healing artwork for clients and interested parties to purchase.  The site features in-depth explanation of each piece and an e-commerce system to order artwork.

Kirby The RAM

Kirby The RAM

A Single-Vehicle Sales Site near Tucson, Arizona.  This one-off individual site features the display of a vehicle for sale.  The vehicle is unique in that it has been re-built with new components that make it a “hybrid-age” performance truck.

GoldenWorld Creative

Golden World

Specialized Blogging Site in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Built as a prototype to future endeavors for this budding writer, this site represents an avant-garde approach to community writing, similar to a blog.

9 Things

9 Things

A Micro Publishing Book Site from Madison, Wisconsin.  This site, currently under construction, represents a self-published “micro-tome” from an author speaking to young adults about what’s next after high school graduation.

Portal608 Techworks

Portal 608 Techworks

Online Presence Services in Green Valley, Arizona.  Hey, that’s me.  You are actually viewing a page of that website right now.  As you can see from reviewing this portfolio of diverse work, I offer online services which include web site development, but also encompass much more.

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