Web Developer

I will improve your online search rankings, generate more leads, and close more sales.

I can also design, create, and host your web site.


More traffic.

More traction.



Traffic And Traction.

Let’s get you on the first page of results when people search for your product or service, and keep improving that ranking.

Connect And Engage.

We’ll clarify and amplify the message on your website so that prospects really want what you have to offer and will take action to get it.

Copywriter, Copywriting, and Site Development

I help organizations grow their customer or member base by writing SEO-tuned copy for websites, blogs, emails and more.  I also write offline content like white papers, business plans, and brochures.  I can help develop your content strategy and write copy to fulfill on it.  And I can design, develop, and host your website or landing pages.

SEO Strategy

Examine and update your website structure to rank better.

Blog Articles

Create short inspiring articles to engage your visitors.

Direct Response Copy

Make your prospects want to take action now.

Content Strategy

Establish your vision of now and future content.

White Papers

Present persuasive and authoritative reports.


Write books for Kindle, Nook, iBook, or others.

Web Pages

Write SEO-tuned content or create and host your entire site.

Case Studies

Highlight successes that your customers have achieved.

And More...

Copy and content spans a broad range of possibilities.

Copywriter or Copy Writer?

You’ll see Copywriting or Copywriter also spelled as Copy Writing or Copy Writer.  Do not be concerned; it’s neither a typo nor an inconsistency.  Instead it offers, in context, a clarity that can resolve some confusion.  Copywriting is not the practice of formally securing rights to a work from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; instead, it is the creation of works that may be (but are usually not) registered by copyright.

And, while I am co-author of U.S. Patent #6,112,246 that also contains copyrighted works, what I am doing here is Writing Copy for you.  OK, that was a shameless plug for my expertise; nevertheless, I will take on those pesky communication chores that will help you find, secure, and nurture your clients or members.

Make Your Content a Priority.

I certainly will.

I don’t take shortcuts when creating your content.  As your copywriter, I assume that every word I craft reflects on your reputation, and I take that seriously.  I research topics thoroughly and position you in the most powerful light, confident in what I am saying before putting pen to paper…

…or finger to keyboard.

It’s ALL

About YOU

Your prospects would love nothing better than to create a relationship with you.  There are likely dozens of potential providers for what you have to offer, and the real differentiator is you.  People want to have a trust relationship, someone whose products and services they can rely on, and someone that they know will be there for them.

We will craft your story in such a way that prospects understand the value of your offerings, and that they really get the value of you.  Whether you’re a one-person shop or you have a handful of help, your prospects and clients want to know who you are and how you are like them.  They want you to empathize with their challenges, and your copywriter creates that story.

Let’s build connections.

Driving Traffic

Having an awesome message and a great call to action is important.  Having people to read that message and respond to your call to action is key.

Let’s drive more traffic to your site.

Reducing Bounce Rate

When someone comes to your web site then leaves, we say that they have “bounced”.  The longer people stay, the more they see and do, and the better your chances for conversion and higher rankings.

Let’s reduce your Bounce Rate.

Increase Conversion Rates

Conversion [kuh n-vur-zhuh n]

A change in attitude or belief.  In marketing, the point at which the recipient of a marketing message performs a desired behavior, like responding to a Call To Action.

Get more site visitors to respond.

It doesn’t take a genius.

Just understanding and persistence.

Copywriting is not rocket science, it just takes knowledge and understanding of how it works and then commitment, persistence, and maybe a little gift of gab in the written word.  That’s what I provide so that you don’t have to.

Traffic and Traction

In the online world, traffic is a good thing.  Yet all the traffic in the world, which is a real possibility by the way, does no good if that traffic doesn’t stop and take a look at what you’re up to.  Getting that to happen is largely the function of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but there are other very powerful organic methods such as cross-linking from other sites, blogging and other social media channels that pull traffic into your world.

When there’s interest for what you have to offer, you’ve gained traction.  People that drill down into what you say and have a genuine pull toward what you’re doing are those that have the highest possibility of conversion.  And conversion is not necessarily a sale.  When someone has responded to your Call To Action, we say that a conversion has occurred; they have significant interest in your offering.  Your copywriter creates the vehicle for conversion that can grow customers into mature relationships.

Connect and Engage

Successful relationships begin with connection, where parties agree that there is mutual interest.  Usually, one party has a strong pull toward, and a need for, the products or services of the other.  When that interest flourishes into trust and reliance, parties have engaged their businesses and a certain interdependence arises.

Active listening is a particularly powerful way to engage with other human beings.  When we say that people are searching for relationships in business, what we mean is that people really want to be heard.  This is not as simple as the words to express it make it seem.  Active listening on your part means that not only do you hear what your client has to say, but you take action on what you hear.  As your copywriter, I create the channels for speaking and listening.

This is not magic.

There are no weird tricks.

Drawing people into your website and selling products or services online isn’t much different than selling in a live store.  Being truthful, offering real value, and making it affordable have been the pillars of business forever.  People need and want stuff.  And what they really want is a relationship.

(That may be rare enough to be the one weird trick.)

Rookie Mistakes

We all know what ‘rookie mistakes’ are.  They are the sometimes subtle mistakes made by inexperienced players in a field, whether that’s sports, business, or any other endeavor.  The truth is, as a copywriter, I rely on rookie mistakes to help my clients get ahead.  There are so many ways that people get into trouble trying to do their own copywriting and web work, that all I have to do is stay on the straight and narrow of good, sound practices and let the hundreds of rookie mistakes buoy what I’m doing.

The biggest problem for the Do-It-Yourself Entrepreneur is that the search engines never tell you what you’re doing wrong, they just ignore you.  Even worse, if you happen to stumble across “one weird trick” that some guru “reveals” as the magic bullet for your SEO or other great marketing scheme, you could get blacklisted by search engines, driving your visibility straight through the floor.  And, again – no search engine will tell you what you’re doing wrong.

And perhaps the biggest mistake made by DIY entrepreneurs is that if they are any good at their real business, all of this copywriting and web stuff will fly to the back burner because they do not have time to keep up with it.  You just can’t let up; copywriting must be continuous, not only to draw in new clients or members, but also to nurture your existing community and keep them engaged.  Best to never start down the self-copywriting road if you can help it.  Just say NO to doing it, and say YES to handing it off.

Driving Traffic

Search Results

A copywriter helps drive traffic through either Organic or Inorganic methods.  Each has advantages and disadvantages, so how do you choose what to do?  Well, it depends.  In general, you want more organic methods in play, and there are situations where inorganic methods are appropriate.  Let’s talk about each of these two approaches.

The Organic Aisle

Organic methods are those that occur, well, organically.  Let’s take “searching”; the most common way of finding something on the web.  You type a word or phrase for what you’re looking for.  If it works, there will be a list of possible websites for you to visit.  At the top of those results, you’ll frequently find a few that are paid for as advertisements.  Depending on how you feel about what you’re looking for, you may skip past the ads and go to the first non-paid result that appeared.

Those remaining non-paid ads are what we call organic results.


Organic Results are Relevant

Organic results are present because the search engine (like Google) ranked it highly.  Its ranking was high because it’s content was relevant to your search, and it had authority as a site with credible information.  The relevancy comes from well-written copy that speaks directly to the topic being searched for.  Judicious selection and use of keywords and phrases and sentence construction are important for relevancy.  Engaging your visitors and keeping them on your website for awhile is also a key factor in relevancy.  So things need to be well-written by your copywriter.

Organic Results are Authoritative

Authority comes from referential linking.  Also referred to as “backlinks” or “inbound links”, these are links to pages on your website that come from other websites.  The quantity and quality of these backlinks determine the level of authority.  Quality arises from being linked to by other popular, high-authority sites, and these are very valuable.  Getting backlinks is a tedious process and can be time consuming.  One way that we do this is through competitive backlink research.

Doing Competitive Research

When we find a competitor that’s ranking well in the search engines, we perform an analysis of the pages and domains that are referencing the competitor’s site.  This analysis gives insight into what types of referrers are pointing at the site, and they we can get to work building links back to our own site.  This involves finding a way to contribute to the referrer sites in such a way that they will link back to you.  We also perform an analysis of what keywords and keyword phrases are used to optimize the site for relevancy, and then we look for unique keywords and phrases that will shift your site outside of the competitor’s space but keep you relevant.

Now To Implement It

Are you taking notes?  Don’t bother.  I’ll do all of this for you because that’s what I do so that you can remain focused on doing the awesome thing that you love.  If you’re like most of my clients, this copywriting stuff is interesting – for about 37 seconds, then your entrepreneurial brain goes back to working on your own stuff.  That’s perfect, it’s how you know what you love; and you should only do what you love; you’re better at that.

The Inorganic Aisle

As we mentioned above in discussing organic results from a search, so-called inorganic results are also displayed when you do a search.  This means that the results are advertisements that have been paid for, and the search engines display a few of them first.  Google’s system is called “AdWords”, and it’s a real-time bidding structure whereby the winner of the bid gets displayed first, followed by the next contestant, and so on.  A search “wins” its display position (called an “impression”) by pledging more than its competitors for the keywords typed in.  The ad that gets clicked in this list is the one that pays what it bid.  This process is called “Pay Per Click” or PPC.

Adwords Bidding Strategy

We try to avoid the really popular keywords or phrases that other bidders are using.  This is because when someone types one of those keywords into Google search, the bidding process will determine ranking by how much the winner will spend if clicked.  These and many, many other parameters are set up in advance in bidders’ AdWords accounts.  If you are the winner, you may spend a lot of money for that one click, and that in itself does not guarantee a sale.  So instead, we use so-called “long-tail keywords”; a longer phrase more specific to your business that can differentiate you from others in your business space.

Differentiation and Long-Tail Keywords

Here’s an example from one of my clients.  She has a massage business in Greendale, Wisconsin.  When we first optimized her site for keywords, the obvious choice was to use “massage” and “massage therapy” and then to write copy that used these keywords.  It worked; her rankings were very high on search results.  But when other massage businesses in the area showed up and started competing against her with those same keywords, her rankings dropped.  If we were to employ AdWords, the cost of using those keywords would increase her spend.  Instead, we shifted to long-tail keywords like “massage greendale” and “massage therapy greendale”.  So when prospects searched and further qualified their search with a geographic location, she was at the top again.

PPC Ads Can Be Good

We postulated that organic searches may be more valuable because they give the appearance of being more authentic and genuine.  However, there are those people for whom this doesn’t matter; they may be in a hurry and your PPC ad may hit the mark dead-on.  In fact, Some people may be even more favorably inclined to click into your site because the appearance of ads can confer professionalism and being a solid company.  What’s important for you to understand out of this conversation is that people have different sensibilities around search results, so it’s good to cover all your bases.

Reducing Bounce

Generating Interest

Have you ever done this?  You do a web search, find a result that looks interesting, and click on it.  But after a quick look around, you decide that you don’t like what you see, or it’s not speaking to what you wanted, so you hit the back button to try another search.  Just like Tigger, you have bounced.  Let’s talk about how your copywriter can reduce bounce for your web site.

The Greeter

You’ve been to the big box store where someone welcomes you and, in some cases, they ask if they can direct you to what you’re looking for.  The concept is the same for your website except that there won’t be an actual person there.  The “greeter” will be a tag line or opening statement that entirely summarizes what you’re about and what visitors can expect.  Sounds simple, right?  It can be and, frequently, in an effort to be clever or sound more impressive, people beat around the bush or are not explicitly clear about what it is that they offer.

If I can’t figure out what you do within 5 seconds, I’m gone.


The Greeter’s Message

Reducing your bounce rate is a matter of delivering the same message to visitors on your website that they used to search and ultimately click on the search result that brought them in.  If the search results for your site, for example, say that you provide fitness training, when someone clicks that result and the first thing they see is the sale of fitness equipment, they will likely bounce.  Instead, if they see a schedule of fitness classes, they will likely stay and investigate.  It is important that your copywriter establishes a relationship with your visitors immediately when they arrive on your site.

About Landing Pages

Depending on your main website structure, you don’t always want to drive traffic to your home page.  Instead, you can use a separate “landing page” that focuses entirely on one aspect of your business where you can capture that lead with the intent of marketing directly to that prospect.  This is highly valuable because that person specifically opted-in after reviewing all of your information.  When someone has provided you with their contact information (usually name and email), we call that a “conversion”.  More on conversion in another section.

Truth and Clarity

In all of your online messages, regardless if on a landing page or your main site, you want to be direct, truthful, and clear.  You have a valuable product or service that someone wants.  So, just be exquisitely clear about what it is, what they can expect, and what they need to do next.  Think about all the times that you’ve gone to a website that you’re pretty sure had the thing you wanted, but you could not get enough specifics or it wasn’t clear what you needed to do to place an order.  It’s frustrating and you’re likely to bounce right out of there.

Once Upon a Time

People love stories; relatable anecdotes through which the reader can see himself or herself accomplishing something.  The key is to make it relatable – sharing an experience that readers want for themselves.  A good example of this is the “restaurant scene” at Katz’s Delicatessen in New York from the movie When Harry Met Sally where Meg Ryan convincingly demonstrates a very public and persuasive orgasm to the quiet astonishment of all around her.  When she was done, a woman at the table next to her, played by the director Rob Reiner’s mother Estelle, grabs the waiter and exclaims “I’ll have what she’s having”.  That’s relatable.


Achieving a Desired Result

There are many points at which conversion occurs in the process of online engagement.  When someone visits your landing page and fills out the form to give you their name and email, that’s a conversion.  When they click a call-to-action link inside the responding email to confirm registration, that’s a conversion.  And if that person eventually purchases something from you, well, that’s the ultimate conversion.  The function of your copywriter is to maximize your conversion rates.

The Marketing Funnel

You may have heard the term “Marketing Funnel” or “Sales Funnel” before, but what exactly does it mean?  In many ways, the marketing process is more like a sieve, albeit a funnel-shaped one.  The concept is that many people fall into the funnel-sieve, and only a few come out the bottom.  So, in sieve-like fashion, most people ooze out of the side of the funnel-sieve and just drop out of the process.  OK, maybe that’s not the nicest description, but you get the idea.  Let’s talk about what happens on the way down.

Every prospect goes through a marketing funnel.


It’s Really a Portal

Let’s acknowledge that the funnel exists and it’s important.  However, it should be noted that this sales/marketing funnel is most certainly not the whole story of your customer’s journey; it’s only the entry point – a portal into your business.  Let’s also acknowledge that there are some online businesses where the funnel is the business, and the only purpose is to endlessly pull people into the top of the funnel and run them through to purchase.  In this model, there’s no customer retention going on, so as soon as the prospecting slows down, the business slows down and will eventually grind to a halt.

The Rings of The Funnel

Terminology for the funnel rings varies depending on who you talk to, but it all comes down to the same notion that first Awareness is created for a campaign, prospects become Engaged in the concepts, begin a journey of Discovery about the offerings, culminating in a Purchase (which is not always monetary), and finally become loyal followers that are Retained in some way.

You Need Fierce Loyalists

Serious business owners understand that impulse buys rarely create the kind of client base that will sustain the endeavor.  It’s not cliché to state the obvious that happy, loyal customers are the life-blood of any business.  You will not find a successful business without fiercely loyal constituents that rally around the business, sometimes akin to a religious fanaticism.  So how do you build this level of engagement?  It’s not difficult to do, but it takes knowledge and discipline.  Your copywriter forms the foundation of this process.






Eyes Watering?

Or Do You Want More?

I could go on with all this; and you can see that I love it and live it.  This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the geeky stuff goes, and I suspect that what’s more important to you is to get results, not necessarily understand how it works.  Fair enough.  And yet, if you’re a business owner, I know that you have some curiosity about what’s happening in the copywriting space and how it can help you.  Why don’t we connect?

Would you like the occasional email to brighten your day?  I don’t do salesy emails, I just share things I find interesting, and you can Stay Updated by subscribing to my Coffee Chats below.  Coffee optional.

Are you ready to see what a copywriter may be able to do for you?  Then Let’s Talk just to see if there’s something that I could do to help.  There’s never any obligation and I frequently give away free services just to show you a thing or two.  Fill out my Contact Me form below for that.

My Clients

My clients come from broad and diverse industries and organizations.  While having expertise in specific fields is always a feather-in-the-cap, most of what I do as a copywriter is to create engaging communication for my clients.  When there are areas of technical concern, my skills as a researcher are of great benefit to the project.  Often, this is a critical component because even my clients may not be current with the state-of-the-art in their own businesses.

I was formally trained as an electrical engineer with specializations in microelectronics, telecommunications, and software.  As a member of the technical staff in the former Bell System, I was called on to create massive amounts of documentation; consequently, I learned how to effectively present topics.  I have since been an entrepreneur, having started 5 companies, a certified USA Cycling Coach, and a real estate investor.

Please explore the disciplines below in which I have actively worked as a copywriter.  This is not an exhaustive list, as many of my clients have fit into a niche or a sub-discipline of what’s here.  Consequently, if your specific practice is not among what’s listed, contact me to see how I would approach copywriting in that area.  I am certain that I can create winning copy for you to enhance your organization or business.

Real Estate Sales and Real Estate Investing

As the former co-owner of the Madison (Wisconsin) Real Estate Investors Association (REIA), and a property rehabber, I have intimate knowledge of the process of investing in real estate.  I am also a technical assistant to a Wisconsin Licensed Real Estate Agent, and have a great deal of knowledge about residential sales, including understanding the legal and contractual documents that are necessary for real estate transactions.

My clients include REIAs for the structure and content creation of their web sites, email communications to members for upcoming events and regular membership communications, the creation and development of training courses both for the general public and the Madison real estate investor coaching program (for which I was also a coach), and the development of content and campaign strategies for the organizations.

I also consult for individual real estate investors, creating web sites, landing pages, and business materials for the development of their businesses.

Fitness Center and Training, Yoga, Coaching

If you are an independent fitness or yoga coach, or someone operating a facility, you need to connect with people at their pain points; offering solutions to both the mundane and the complex issues surrounding fitness.  I have both the writing and the experiential background as a copywriter and USA Cycling coach to clearly express your offerings to prospects, and to communicate effectively with your members and clients.

Speaking to people in clear, non-technical terms with an emphasis on what they most want for mind and body is the best way to connect and nurture your client base.  We will highlight your offerings in unique and compelling ways to draw in prospects, and offer real value to existing members to make them feel cared-for in ways they have not experienced before.  Treating your discipline as a vital service to the happiness and longevity of your prospects and members will make your offerings invaluable.

Bicycle Shops, Cycling Centers, and Coaching

As both an avid cyclist and USA Cycling Coach, I understand the joy and fitness benefits of this sport on a level that few other copywriters do.  From 2005-2011, I founded and operated a company that developed and implemented Cycling Performance Centers inside of select bike shops in Northern Illinois.  Based on the original CompuTrainer platform, these centers opened the door to professional training that could be enjoyed by all levels of rider from the beginning novice all the way through amateur and semi-pro competitors.

I was one of the cycling coaches for the U.S. National Youth Triathlon Championship Team founded in Geneva, Illinois.  One of those youths from Geneva saw his way to U.S. Olympic participation in the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, where he was in first place overall on the bike.  Other individuals of the 57-member team have gone on to various professional and semi-professional sports disciplines.

As your copywriter in this field, I understand the operations of bicycle shops, cycling centers, and cycling coaching at a level that gives you a clear advantage in establishing or enhancing your practice.

Business Coach, Life Coach

Coaching in the hands-off, heads-on discipline requires an understanding of human psychology and behavioral sciences.  Part of my USAC training included the psychology of athletic training and, after starting and operating 5 companies, I have a pretty solid understanding of business practices and the roadblocks that entrepreneurs will face as they build their business.  I can write with confidence about your offerings with the understanding of someone who has been on both the delivery side and the receiving side of this coaching.

Where you will be effective is in developing sets of approaches to various scenarios, then effectively communicating those approaches, explaining how you deal with each.  For example, in the business world, how to deal with the unexpected loss of project funding, and how to quickly recover.  We will work together to understand the full range of your offerings and how to best position each for both SEO-tuned searchability to attract prospects and the value proposition for your clients.

Spiritual and Energetic Healer

An emerging and rapidly growing field of healing is in the spiritual and energetic realms.  I have direct experience with a wide range of practices in this discipline, and my life partner is a powerful spiritual and energetic healer in her own right.  I have created websites and written copy for those sites and for subsequent emails that communicate with existing clients of these practices.  What is important to this community is thoughtful contact and spiritual insights.

As your copywriter, I can review your website (or create one), optimize the content to attract prospects that are interested in spiritual and energetic healing, and advise you on how to position your offerings to best suit your healing strengths.  It has been my experience that, more so than other clients, spiritual and energetic healers have more interest in how something feels and how it lands for their clients and prospects; I am well-versed in listening for, and acting on, that guidance in the creation of that work.

Building and Construction Trades

Relating to the real estate sales and real estate investing disciplines, the building and construction trades are very familiar to me, both from the perspective of working closely with trades in my real estate investing practices, and in developing content and web sites for small-business providers.  I understand the terminology and I am able to express complex concepts in the trades to the general public in such a way that the value proposition is clear.

One of my concrete construction clients was looking for additional work at the beginning of the 2017 pouring season.  He was especially interested in combination tear-out and flatwork projects in the Madison, Wisconsin, area.  I developed his website and a Google Adwords campaign in late March that booked up his season through November in about 3 weeks.  We had to terminate the Adwords campaign prematurely because he could not handle any more business.

This is one of this areas with fall-out niche work; for example, business and property insurance is a natural progression from the construction trades, and I am able to write about and develop materials for insurance that serves this industry.  I have clients in the field of real estate investor insurance and business liability.

Business Plan Writing and Patent & Trademark

As someone who has written a handful of business plans for his own businesses, and someone who has co-authored a highly successful Internet patent, U.S. Patent #6,112,246, I am qualified to assist you with the development of the copy necessary to work with patent attorneys, and the process of filing.

Frequently, my engagement as a copywriter for business plans is to either wordsmith the finished product, or create the marketing/engagement section, or a combination of both.  I can, and certainly must be, very flexible in such an engagement, as the scope of this kind of work varies wildly.  I think it’s safe to say that I can consult, construct, or contribute to the creation of this business material.

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