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Randy King



SINCE 2015

I’m the guy who writes things you don’t want to, and builds the website you need.

You know, stuff you need to get done.

I get the monkey off your back so you can do you.

I share personal stories on Medium and I write for others on websites, blogs, formal papers, and social media platforms.  Here is my portfolio.

I mostly write for Online Presence, and I also do paper stuff like flyers, training materials, scripts, white papers, and lots more.

The leash is ready.  Let me take George out for a stroll.

Some Things That I Do

Website Copy

I explain who you are and what you do clearly and succinctly.


For printing or online display, tell people what’s important.


Training documents instruct customers on how your stuff works.

Your Story

Do your business and let me explain it to the rest of the world.

Sales Copy

Long-form or short-form, I get people curious and ready to buy.

Website Development

I design, develop, and host web sites if you need a place to put that new copy that we create.  I also implement scheduling, e-commerce, and other critical applications.  See some of my sites here on my portfolio page.

That Writing Thing That You Don't Want To Do

Whatever that thing is that you don’t want to do for whatever reason you don’t want to do it, my hand is up.  No more sweaty nightmares about a surprise test that you didn’t study for.

Contact Me

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