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If you used a card, your payment was successful, thank you.  If you are using cash or a check, please put it in an envelope addressed to Randy King, Lot 36 and drop it in the in-resort mail slot in the mailboxes area.

Now let’s create the listing for your RV or Park model.  All you have to do is fill in the form, which includes uploading pictures, too.

If you’re not ready, that’s OK.  You can come back later to this page to set up your listing.  Just bookmark this page by typing CTRL-D on your keyboard (that’s the Control or CTRL key and the letter D key at the same time).

Questions?  Email

GVRV Resort Listing

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Load up to 7 images that you would like displayed in your listingChoose FilesNo Files ChosenAccepted file types: jpg, jpeg, jpe, png. Max. file size: 1 MB

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CLICK HERE for instructions on creating a PDF from Word documents
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